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The Chaos Within Podcast – Just Do the Thing with Kristen Higgins

All Photos by K.H. Photography

Kristen Higgins is a portrait photographer based in Lowell, MA, an alum of The New York Institute of Photography, and the owner of K.H. Photography. She has a penchant for the strange and strangely beautiful and her work doesn’t really fit into any one category.

She’s also currently having a print sale to help pay her bills during the quarantine. CLICK HERE to see what’s available.

In 2018, Kristen designed, planned, and shot a concept photoshoot (her first) based off of “The World Ender” a song by Lord Huron (a shoot I was happy to be a part of.)  In this podcast she talks about this shoot – see some samples below, dealing with fear, and why fear shouldn’t keep you from just doing the thing. 

Mentioned in this podcast: 

Ariel Vida
Lord Huron
Retonica Lighting
Shakey Graves

Joey Phoenix as Fritz the Kleptomaniac

“Pick a card, any card. Choose wisely.”

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Preface: I know the extension on the stay at home mandate is necessary and I will always, always choose to give up my little things for the obvious needs of the greater good. That said. I am mourning for all the things I was looking forward to. Shows that my artwork was in, my first time being published in a magazine and its release party, walking to shows in warmer weather, many portrait projects, and the daily grind of making all of those things happen. At the same time, I'm feeling pretty tired and anti-social now (no energy for many one on one conversations at once,) too much time alone, and the conflict in all this makes my head spin. I took this photo last summer at the @sprucepeak Folk Fest in Vermont, an opportunity that felt more like a vacation than work to be honest. All of my favorite things that weekend: My partner, fresh mountain air, music, good food, and the opportunity to talk to and photograph really incredible artists, and meander how I liked. To be frank, no amount of Zoom or virtual meet ups will replace or make up for all the things that come in spring in summer, like traveling freely and the joy of art-making and people-meeting. Days have been spent trying to keep busy, facing myself, being at a total loss because there's no way for me to make it better or to do anything about it. I wish I didn't take it so much for granted at the time. When this is over and I've got the means I'm going to take a long, long drive to where ever. Anyway enjoy this picture I re-edited. This is @francescablanchard after a brief interview and a few laughs in between getting a shot quickly so I could let her get back to her weekend.

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