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The Write Space – Sarah Lynne Reul

The Write Space is a monthly Q&A series from Creative Collective covering a local writer and a North Shore space(s) they associates with writing.  Questions? Contact: ltmcneill@comcast.net

Give us your best writerly bio.

Sarah Lynne Reul is an author, illustrator and award-winning animator who likes science, tiny things and drawing on photos.  Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she now lives in Wakefield with her family.  

After some years in science museum education, she was lured back to school by the magic of making drawings come to life.  Armed with an MFA degree in 2D animation, Sarah Lynne now strives to pack the energy of animation into each illustration. 

She spends her workdays drawing lots of animals, creating new books and laughing with kids during school visits throughout New England and beyond.

Her published works include NERP! and Allie All Along from Sterling, The Breaking News from Roaring Brook Press, as well as the lift-the-flap board books, Pet the Pets and Farm the Farm, from Little Simon.    

Tell us about your North Shore Write Space.

In pre-pandemic times, I loved working from Beebe Library and from Creations Cafe here in Wakefield. Currently, I’m doing most of my writing in a little office that’s separated from my bedroom by an overflowing book case.  I often try to think about “paper as a place,” and I’ve been working on daily journals inspired by comics artist Lynda Barry’s book, What It Is, trying to make the most of the small world I move about in these days. 

When I’m in the North Shore, not writing, I’m . . .

Exploring new conservation areas during hikes with my husband and two girls. We love Lockwood Forest in Boxford. In the summer, I like to walk along the quiet beaches of Plum Island, in Newburyport. 

What are you working on now?

These days my working time is limited since both my kids are remote learning full-time, but I’m slowly chipping away at a new manuscript for my first graphic novel, where all of the characters are workbench tools. I’m also doing virtual author visits with schools over Zoom, which has worked surprisingly well! 

And finally —

My most recent book, NERP! came out last spring and was a super fun project to write and illustrate. I researched crazy 1950s recipes, and invented a few of my own, to create a world where a baby monster does not want to eat the fancy foods its parents have painstakingly prepared. 

I made up nonsense words for the story, and created the illustrations by building a miniature cardboard dining room, taking photos and drawing on them. Here’s a little video where I talk about the process: Behind The Scenes of NERP! with Sarah Lynne Reul

Find out more at

Find out more at www.reuler.com, or on my instagram @thereul. If you’re looking for signed copies of any of my books, my local bookstore Whitelam Books in Reading (https://www.whitelambooks.com/) is usually stocked with a bunch! 

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