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Vick Breedy is an Author, Entrepreneur & Self-Care Advocate. She grew up in Massachusetts and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts and her Master’s Degree from Anna Maria College. She also holds her LSWA. Helping others during their most vulnerable and challenging times sums up Breedy’s entire work history. It was during her own challenging times that she wrote her first novel.

During her divorce, Breedy decided to take all the emotions she was feeling to pen and paper. A newly single mom, Breedy worked seven days a week for five years straight to survive financially. Writing became therapeutic. Breedy created characters out of the strongest emotions she felt during this difficult period of her life to self-publish her first novel, Bitter.

​Breedy created the “Bitter Movement” to get the word out about her books. She established a group of supporters that she refers to as “Team Bitter” to help create awareness and develop a marketing strategy. The word “Bitter” has a negative connotation but the “Bitter Movement” isn’t about being bitter. It is about creating something positive from something negative.

Breedy’s books have been described as relatable, unpredictable, juicy page-turners. In 2016, she self-published Still Bitter, a sequel to Bitter. The final book of the Bitter Series, Bitter Family Secrets, came out in February 2017.

In her fourth novel, Stereotyped, released in 2018, Breedy focuses on Black men and the challenges they face as a grossly stereotyped group. Two years later, in 2020, Vick Breedy was inspired by her self-care group to write her novel, Selfish Women’s Group.

It is a story about three strong Black women attempting to heal through self-care during a pandemic and traumatic racial tension. This is hard to do when you suffer from Strong Black Womanitis. Selfish Women’s Group highlights the importance of practicing self-care and how easy it is to lose sight of it. This novel ends with a bonus. Breedy gives the reader an opportunity to review self-care tips that she collected from real people!

Vick Breedy doesn’t stop with novels! She also created The Selfish Women’s Group Journal to serve as a tool for self-awareness and reflection. It’s a place to process your emotions. Breedy believes that journaling is self-care. 

She has established the Selfish Women’s Group which meets quarterly, providing a space for women to address the issues that threaten their ability to practice self-care. Groups are led by SWG facilitators who identify behaviors that make it difficult for women to lighten the load they carry. Breedy believes that we all have #BounceBackMagic! If we don’t take care of ourselves (self-care), we can’t tap into it. We can’t heal. We can’t recover. We can’t be RESILIENT.

Tell us about a North Shore Write Space.

If I hear something that makes me want to dig deeper, something that inspires me, something that makes me reflect inwardly, I write it down on whatever I can find. That may be a piece of mail, an already full notebook page or I’ll put it in my app for notes on my cell phone. When I get ready to write it is always done some place in my home. I don’t have a designated writing space, although I do have an office. I write in my bedroom, in my dining room, in the living room and often in the kitchen. I’ve tried writing outside but I’m too distracted to do so.                               

“When I’m in the North Shore, not writing, I’m . . .”

When I’m not writing I’m finding new ways to be creative with my apparel brand, Genetically Resilient, that I launched to honor those that have gone through adversity and bounced back from it. I’m thinking of what color combinations to use. I am also thinking about what pictures to use that will advertise my brand the best.    

What are you working on now?

I am working on two things right now. I’ve reached out to a few friends with a specific skillset to help me turn my first novel, Bitter, into an independent film. I’ve wanted to do this for a few years but didn’t know where to start. Also, I’ve never written a script. My self-care plan for 2021 is to ask for help. I plan on having my first meeting (Vick Breedy’s Creatives Room) with this group this month. I’m excited! I’m also working on my first Sci-Fi novel. I have had an idea for a story to tell for many months. I can’t wait to tell it! I give myself a year to finish it. I’ll have to put the Sci-Fi on pause if Oprah, Ava, Spike or Tyler Perry reach out to help take my independent film to another level.

“And finally” —

Snippet from my new release Selfish Women’s Group (page 99):

My entire spirit changes. I hesitantly open the app. I have two emails from my mother. I make a decision to apply the tool I learned from Selfish Women’s Group. I’m deciding to design my day. I don’t bother opening them. I know what she wants. Her money must be low. I click on the green SEND MONEY icon and type in one hundred dollars. I can’t deal with Karen’s passive-aggressive begging right now. She’s the type to send you a sob story and end it with how grateful she is to have the little that she has. Then she lets that sit until you offer to help her out. She never calls me. She always emails. It would be nice to have a live conversation with my mother, but it’s probably for the best. She’d probably lay it on real thick and have me putting my car payment on her books for commissary.

“Find out more at” —

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Visit VickBreedy.Com for more information about my brand. My books are sold on Amazon and also available at the Frugal Bookstore in Roxbury, MA.

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