This right here… What it is all about!


Thank you all for putting this together. The arts is such a big part of many of our scholars lives. For Salem to be able to connect our scholars with such an amazing artist that was driven by passion and persevered is incredible. Shun Ng’s music captivated 300 scholars and you could feel the engagement between him and his audience. Scholars, while they asked and wanted to hear him play more, couldn’t help but ask more questions to learn about him and his experiences. I was thoroughly impressed when Brittany and Shun Ng stayed after the show connecting with scholars, taking pictures and just interacting in a caring way. I know through speaking with scholars throughout the day the impact was huge and can not thank all of you enough. There is nothing better, in my opinion than dreamers that believe they will achieve! We now have more of them at Collins and all thanks to Shun Ng.


Glenn R. Burns
Francis X. Collins Middle School We were honored to collaborate with @cinemasalem and @salemeducationfoundation to make this happen! Join us on March 31 for the concert with @shun_ng and Magic Dick! #salemma #creativesalem #shunng #STEAM



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